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Different S3xual Fetishes You Should Try On The Basis Of Zodiac Signs!

6. Virgo

S3xual Fetishes based on Zodiac SignsVia

A Virgo’s everyday shyness doesn’t give much exposure to the extent to which they can go in the bedroom. They are really into bondage, submission, roleplay, masks, ball gags & handcuffs. Their fetishes are as wild as it gets.


7. Libra

S3xual Fetishes based on Zodiac signsVia

The people of this zodiac sign love experimenting. Most Libras are obsessed with butts. They love anal, spanking or anything that relates with the butt. They are equally concerned about their partner as they are for themselves in the bedroom


8. Scorpios

S3xual Fetishes based on Zodiac SignsVia

They find pleasure in semi-public s3x in parked cars or alleyways. They love the thrill of it. Their fetishes also include doing it in the water.