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Different S3xual Fetishes You Should Try On The Basis Of Zodiac Signs!

3. GeminiĀ 

S3xual Fetishes based on Zodiac SignsVia

Geminis love mental stimulation. Involving s3x toys in the bedroom activities would really get them going. Other fetishes include oral s3x, tickling & witty dirty talk.


4. Cancer

S3xual Fetishes based on Zodiac SignsVia

They are emotional, anything that makes them feel safe & loved turns them on. Sensual touching, belly rubbing & role playing are some of the fetishes that the people of this zodiac sign are drawn towards.


5. Leo

S3xual Fetishes Based on Zodiac SignsVia

S3x on the beach is the ultimate turn on for them. They love flirting, scratching, biting, strip teasing. They want more attention than others, satisfaction isn’t the only thing they seek.