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Different S3xual Fetishes You Should Try On The Basis Of Zodiac Signs!

There are a lot of weird but wonderful fetishes that you can experiment with your partner & your zodiac sign can help you choose from them. Your zodiac sign is taken into consideration when you’re choosing your career path or to find out with whom you have chemistry with. But that is not it, your zodiac sign can tell you more than that. It can even give you an insight about what you should do in the bedroom with your partner.

Different S3xual Fetishes on the basis of zodiac signsVia

Here are some s3xual fetishes that you should try on the basis of your zodiac sign.


Fetishes You Should Try Based On Zodiac Signs

1. Aries

S3xual Fetishes based on Zodiac SignsVia

Aries find pleasure in confident & dominant approach. Fetishes like angry s3x, fuelled by passion & energy will make the physical connection deeper, better & even more animalistic. Setting boundaries beforehand are important as well.

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2. Taurus

S3xual Fetishes based on Zodiac SignsVia

Tauruses want the whole package. Incorporating food in your bedroom can turn out to be utterly satisfying. Try whipped cream, chocolate or anything else but do take care of the sheets. Hickeys turn them on as well.