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Ways To Get Tight, Toned & Perfectly Shaped Abs By Just Using A Chair!

Reclining Curl

Getting Abs Using ChairVia

Sit on a chair in a forward position making sure that your back is as far as possible from the back. Sit straight & tighten your abs during the movement. Inhale and lean your shoulders and torso back with a rigid spine.

Lean back as much as it is comfortable. Hold the position for a brief amount of time & then return back to the original position while exhaling.


Knee Pull-Ins

Getting Abs With ChairVia

Lift your knee into your abs using your hands for leverage while being seated on the edge in an upright manner.


Standing Side Crunch

Getting Abs With ChairVia

Stand behind the chair, keep your left hand on the back & right hand behind your head. Shift the weight of your body into your left leg, tap your right leg out to the side, keep the heel in a lifted position and lean your torso towards the chair. Bend your right knee & lift it up, afterward do a side crunch by pressing your right shoulder down towards your right hip. Repeat the same from the left side.

Leg Lifts

Getting Abs using chairVia

Be seated on the edge of the chair, put your arms behind you to rest on the chair. Keep your knees bent, straighten your aRMS and lift your buttocks up. Raise one leg straight in the air & repeat it in an alternative manner.