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Ways To Get Tight, Toned & Perfectly Shaped Abs By Just Using A Chair!

Abdominal Reaches

Get Abs Using a ChairVia

Be seated, back straight and have your legs slanted out of the sides of the chair. Flex your abdominal muscles. Lift up your hands & arch your back, inhale as you do that.

Get Abs With A ChairVia

Exhale & bring your arms down exactly in front of you. Repeat the process. This works your abs in a major way.


Plank Knee Cross

Getting Abs With ChairVia

Place both forearms on the chair & step back in plank position. Tighten your abdominal muscles. Bring your right knee inside of your left arm, pause, return and then do it with your left knee & right arm. This works your abs, back & butt.

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