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Hilarious Answers And Replies By Kids That Will Make You Go ROFL

Kids nowadays are as advanced as adults and some even more than we think. With every passing generation, kids have developed and became more savage and hilarious with time and grew their brains faster to give answers. Some kids develop the smart trait, some hard work, and many others to choose from. But the best ones are those who pick the savage and hilarious trait.

Not every question asked has a serious answer. Sometimes it’s covered by Sarcasm and sometimes it’s covered by the innocence of the child but in either case, it’s us who laugh at their decency or savageness.

We don’t know if these kids are just brilliantly ironic or they simply made mistakes. Maybe it was the stress or the fact that there was no way out to a question they couldn’t respond, but the answers these kids gave are by far a hilarious thing you will see today and make you go ROFL.

1. Sorry Mom but it’s a tit for tat situation



2.Logical kid but would the teacher consider his logic?



3. Right instead but did you ask for the location?



4. Just find it and move on, we’re troubled by finding you x again and again.hilarious