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Women Confess About All The Injuries They Had While Doing The Deed.

S3x is great. S3x is good. But sometimes the good can come back to bite your ass. Sometimes Literally. Don’t believe me? Then Sarcasm brings you these women’s confessions about their s3x related injuries. I’m sure you’ll be more careful doing the deed from this point forward. These women confess on Reddit about how they were injured on the bed.

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1. Oops! Wrong Hole! Wrong Hole! Abort Mission! Evacuate! 

Deed injuries

He literally broke her butt. Now that’s something that must have been a life-changing experience for her.

2. This Woman Got Serious Injuries While Doing The Deed For An Hour. Now That’s Some Serious Love. 

Deed injuries

I’ve got to tip my hat to her commitment. Who has the energy to give an hour long bl*wjob?

3. So This Woman Didn’t Get Any Injuries. She Injured Her Partner. 

Deed injuries

Let this be a warning, people. Don’t get carried away watching all that p*rn. You don’t have to pound her like a steamroller.