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10 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym – Note The Don’ts

When you hit the gym, along with working out it’s important to keep certain things in mind & follow certain etiquettes in the process. There are things that you should never do at a gym, which may turn out to be bad for you or for others.


So, let’s go through a list of things that you should never do at the gym.

10 Things That You Should Avoid Doing At The Gym


1. Going Too Far, Too Early

Working Out At The Gym

Pushing your limits is something that you do when you are working out. But there’s a difference between pushing your limits & completely destroying yourself.

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In your initial days at the gym, you should go light on yourself. Working out for an hour and a half or lifting heavier weights on your first day at the gym, might as well make it your last day there.


2. Using Your Phone While “Resting” On An Equipment Between Sets

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You should completely avoid using your phone at the gym. It’s a major distraction. But what makes it even worse is using it while you’re sitting on a gym equipment between sets. People might be too polite to ask you to let them use the machine & it makes you look like a snob.