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Guys VS Girls – Morning Wake-Up! The Illustration Perfectly Explain Things

In terms of anatomy, differences between guys and girls can be pretty obvious. Gender differences abound, almost as if guys and girls were two completely different species. They differ almost in every way. There are major differences in the way they are waking up, in the way they are clothing, in the way they take actions, in the way they feel, in the way they look upon the world etc. In this article, we’ll discuss guys vs girls in morning wake-up.

guys vs girls


6 big differences showing the morning wake up in guys vs girls, provided with comic and funny photos and videos.

1.Guys VS Girls – look and feeling after waking up:

Guys – Look the same before and after sleeping

guy waking up



Girls – Go in bed with one look, wake up with a completely different look

girl waking up



2. Guys VS Girls – the difference that defines the genders:

Guys usually have an erection while waking up.

guy's erection


While guys wake up with an erection, girls are more “creative”. We can even say that sometimes they become artists or magicians while sleeping.