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When A Couple’s Fight Turned Into A Hot And Steamy Love-Making Session!

People who are in a relationship can relate to this. When you are so angry at your partner, you are literally shouting at each other then something happens and you just can’t control yourself. What’s next? you find yourself in your bed, making out with your partner. Keep reading to know how this couple’s fight turned into a steamy love-making session.

Here we are talking about Grace and Jim, they both have been married for almost a year but before getting married they dated for like 2-3 years and had a healthy relationship. Once they reached to each other’s comfort level, they decided to get married. We should know that marriages and dating, both are two different things. Things are not always same once you get married.

The couple’s fight got real bad but eventually, it turned into a steamy love-making session. Keep reading to discover what happened!

Grace wanted to move to a new place,

Grace didn’t want to stay in the same house that once hosted a bunch of drug addicts. Grace and Jim didn’t have a choice after marriage so they had to stay at two bedroom apartment. Their one-year contract with the apartment owner was about to end and they had just one month remaining to decide if they want to move or stay back.

couple's fight turned into love-making session

Jim had lot of responsibilities,

Jim always knew that Grace wanted to move into a new house but he didn’t find it a big deal. He was just back from a long vacation/honeymoon and was working too hard for the lost time at work. It was affecting his health as well as his married life.

couple's fight turned into love making session

Grace was upset and she was being uncomfortable each passing day,

Grace is a sensitive person, she wanted to leave this place at the earliest but she was upset because Jim ignoring her and not giving her some quality time.

couple's fight turned into love making session