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Crazy Confessions From S3x Addicts That Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable

Pople might say that s3x addicts are not for real but these confessions will prove you wrong. S3x addiction is not like any other addiction people may have.We have heard about various addiction like people being addicted to some physical objects or things. But the complications arises when your addiction requires another human or when you are sex addicts and these confessions will show you that. It’s absolutely normal for a s3x addict to be judged on how many partners you have had and how you are so easy and this is why being s3x addicts is the worst. People on Whisper made some confessions about the things they did and have to go through!

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1.Seriously? You could have got something better than toys

Confessions From S3x Addicts

2.They just can’t handle

Confessions From S3x Addicts

3.So you should probably stop it now 

Confessions From S3x Addicts