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These Bizarre Bedroom Confessions Are Going To Make Your Jaw Drop! #13 Is Sick!

What is the kinkiest, weirdest thing you’ve ever done in bed? The role played as Hillary and Trump? Handcuffed your partner and forgot the key? Well if you think yours were weird. Take a look at these bizarre bedroom confessions. These guys are on a whole new level.

1. A Part Of Me Wants But Another Part Of Me Dreads It. 

Bizarre bedroom confessions

We all know which part he’s talking about.

2. Shit Got 0 To 100 Real Fast! It Was Like A Sith Fetish. 

Bizarre bedroom confessions

These are the most bizarre bedroom confessions ever!

3. She Didn’t Want It Rough. She Wanted It Violent? That’s So Bizarre! 

Bizarre bedroom confessions

She wanted to be punched, strangled and thrown around? Sounds like a trap to me. You made a good decision turning her down. Imagine how awkward the wait was lol.

4. This Is Actually Sweet. And That Guy Is Very Lucky. 

Bizarre bedroom confessions

The following weeks were some of the best weeks of her life.