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Signs Which Indicate That Your Relationship Has Reached Peak Level Comfort. 

Relationships can be tough, funny, satisfying or gross but what really determines how much comfortable are you with your partner? Do you still have reservations about farting? Well, these are the signs of relationships at peak level comfort. Let’s see how comfortable is yours.

1. You Let It Rip Without Blinking Once.  Peak Level Comfort via

You let it out loud. No holds barred. And you’re not even ashamed of it. This is you in your natural form.

2. You Can’t Wait To Exchange Some Saliva.  Peak Level Comfort via

You don’t kiss, you try to each other and you love every moment of it.

3. Bathroom Privacy Went Out The Window.  Peak Level Comfort via

Nothing says your relationship is at peak level comfort better than the “I don’t care if you’re in there. I’m gonna come in any way” move.