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These Shocking Facts About Kissing Will For Sure Blow Your Mind Away

These are the lesser known facts about kissing

Kissing is a widely accepted way of showing love and affection towards someone. In addition, everybody accepts that they tempt to kiss their loved ones when they have a boosted affection for them. These two facts are accepted and known by everyone around the globe. But there are a few facts that are lesser known and accepted. Here we bring to you a few but shocking facts about kissing.

kissing facts


1. It is like a facial workout.

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2. Right-headed kissers make the majority.

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Since the nose stands as an obstacle, kissers need to tilt their head a little. A survey by researchers if Ireland concluded that 80 percent of kissers tilt their head towards the right. It was usually believed that the direction one tilts towards while planting a kiss was depended on the person’s handedness. Yet it is accepted that most left handed prefer tilting to the right too. Yes it is surprisingly weird but studies have proven that it is true.