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These Unknown Features Will Surely Help You Operate Your Mac Better. 

10. Record your screen.

Well, we all admire this feature. With Mac, this gets super easy. Select ‘New Screen Recording’ in Quicktime, hit record and select the area of the screen you want to record. To finish, hit the stop icon in the taskbar and you’ll get an output video.

Unknown features of Mac.

11. Your PDF signatures.

Dump that idea of uploading a picture of your signature on online forms. Mac helps you to sign these forms electronically. Sign a blank sheet and go to Preview. Go to Preferences > Signatures and hit ‘Create Signature’. Hold the paper up to the iSight Camera.

Unknown features of Mac. Via

12. Pop-up Dictionary 

Being a non-native reader you can face difficulty with vocabulary very often. This feature of Mac OS X is quite handy and useful in such cases. Just hold down Command-Control-D.

Unknown features of Mac. Via