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21 Witty Comebacks By Women to All Those Annoying Sexist Comments

This world is full of people, especially those who are made out of crap. Now why I just made this mean statement is because this is what these shitty people do, they make ridiculous comments on women God knows why? I mean okay if she is on her periods then what’s your problem? And who said that women can’t drive? As they say, Do not poke the Bear, in the very same way poking women for absolutely no reason can backfire sometimes. So here are some witty comebacks by women to all those annoying sexist comments.


You look nicer when you don’t wear your glasses.
Yeah, you also look nicer when I don’t wear my glasses.


Witty Comebacks By Women on Sexist Comments
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Woah, those are some nice t!ts.
Excuse me? I think you mean these are fantastic breasts.

Witty Comebacks By Women on Sexist Comments

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Why you’re such Potty mouth? Women don’t talk like this.
It’s because I’ve had to swallow so much shit from men.

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You look better without makeup
You sound better when you’re quite.

So, just keep your mouth shut.

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