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People On Reddit Talk About The Times They Were Caught Or They Caught Someone Else Watching P0rn. 

The room is dark, you’ve made sure of it. It’s finally that time of the day when you open your phone or laptop and have some “me” time. You’re halfway through your lesbian hardcore BDSM gangbang video when suddenly the door opens… And you’ve been caught watching p0rn. Never happened? Well, you’re lucky. Unfortunately, these Reddit users weren’t.

1. This Guy Caught His Grandfather Watching P0rn.  

Caught watching p0rn

He dropped the remote and the batteries fell out? Now that’s hilarious!

2. Some People Say He Shouldn’t Even Be Doing It When He’s Married, To Begin With. 

Caught watching p0rn

And you should probably tell him if it’s that hot for you.

3. That Awkward Moment When You Think You’re All Alone, You Decide To Rub One Out And Your Roommate Walks In. 

Caught watching p0rn

Being caught watching p0rn by your roommate can be disastrous.