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Did You Know What Do These Red Colored Dots On Your Skin Mean!

These days skin problems have become so common that you just can’t ignore. But few of them are really concerning. Have you ever noticed these small red colored dots on your skin? Ever wondered what it is? We have all your answers.

Here is what the red colored dots on your skin mean! 

You often see these small rashes on your palm or arm, but you don’t really know what are those. These rashes aren’t itchy at times, but give an all over reddish appearance on your skin. These can be due to various causes, and in some cases, the non-itchy ones can be an outbreak of the itchy ones.

1. Intertrigo.

This type of rash occurs in armpits, or under the breasts on the torso or the genitals. Usually, the people who are obese face these more often.

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2. Dermatofibroma.

It is another reddish skin rash that is common in women. It usually occurs on lower legs. But it is actually the nodules being exposed on the skin surface. It is non-cancerous and common to have more than one.

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3. Irritant Contact Dermatitis.

As the name suggests, this is the result of repeated exposure to mild soaps, alkali, detergents and other such substances. These substances basically act as irritants and results in the rashes.

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