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When Girls Blow Off Guys With Their Mean Texts. #17 Is Savage!

Girls can be mean when they blow you off. Especially when it’s by text. And it can be more brutal if you did something wrong. How can guys counter that? We have no idea. Maybe after analyzing these texts, we’ll be able to invent a counter for the blow off.

1. Do You Remember How When We Were Together I Was Really Horrible At Housework? Turns Out Orgasms Are A Good Motivator.  Girls Blow Off Mean via

But you wouldn’t know anything about that because you suck lol.

2. Girls Will Give You One Cryptic Text And Watch You Burn.  Girls Blow Off Mean via

What did he even buy lol?

3. And Sometimes Girls Don’t Even Need To Send A Text To Blow Off Guys.   Girls Blow Off Mean via

Silent treatment works wonders.