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20 Hilarious Period Based Comics Every Woman Will Relate To

Firstly, I am very confident about one fact being a female. The fact that every woman will agree with one fact. The fact that PERIODS SUCK. Therefore, we have all tried to encourage our self by understanding that someone has it worse than us. However, it becomes tougher to control your anger when on periods about this game of mother nature. Hence, how about we use some comics to calm ever women’s period down.

Being a woman I understand this situation just too well. Hence, I have collected a few comics. This time your stomach is going to pain too. But probably the reason being these hilarious comics and not the burden like menstrual cramps. As a result, the toughest time of the month is going be a little easier this time.

But firstly, I have a suggestion for all the guys reading this. First of all, make sure that you bring heaps of chocolates and put on romantic movies for you girls. Since you’re going to be a victim of her mood swings.

It seems like we need to make you stress a little less over your periods. Hence, we have something for you. Furthermore, being a woman myself, it was just so easy to relate to this ‘cringe-worthy yet hilarious to a new level’ comics.

In addition, these comics will make you realize that we’re all in this together. Your period is going be a bit easier to be faced after this.

1. The exact calendar illustration of every womanperiods comics woman

2. Oh, no Uterus!

periods comics womenvia

3. Well boys!periods comics womenvia

4. Sanitary pads can’t you be like in the adverts?
periods comics womenvia