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21 Pictures Of Celebrities Spotted Being Gloriously Bored at Sports Games

We all have been there. When sports games turn boring and we start wondering, what-exactly-is-happening-and-what-should-I-be-doing-with-my-hands-oh-clap-now? And every once in a while Celebrities Spotted are usually “Gloriously Bored” at sports games. Quite often perhaps! Because between all that scoring, throwing, playing, eating popcorn action it can get nothing but super duper boring.

Here, are 21 Celebrities Spotted looking gloriously bored at these sports games and know what we are talking about. They seem to have a first-hand experience!

1.Cara Delevingne

This isn’t the Paris fashion week?

Oh, shoot, I ain’t scoring any 3 pointers around here. where’s the door?

Where’s the door?

Celebrities spotted getting bored at sports

2.Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

I thought people sang and danced here in pretty clothes. Turns out they just sweat in these games.


Resting b!tch face.

Kim: Better get me out right NOW Kanye!

Kanye: Wait lemme think! It’s hard with this kind of sh!t going on.

Celebrities spotted getting bored at sports

3.Taylor Swift

Oh my god! Look at my face. This looks like my new mistake.

Hate the game. Imma leave!

Celebrities spotted getting bored at sports

Seems like this is gonna be forever. Let me burn it down in flames!

4.Dakota Fanning

When the game is boring as heck but the tickets were expensive.

Celebrities spotted getting bored at sports

She has no idea why in the first place her as$ landed here. All she can do now is sit and wonder! And get bored.