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These 12 Images Will Depict The Entire Scene Of Crime In Tijuana. Last Is Just So Horrible.

Tijuana is one of those cities in Mexico where life sets out after dusk. This place is in Bucket list of every person who badly wants to enjoy life in those night clubs and bars. Tijuana’s border is most crossed across the US for these night clubs, live music, best cuisines and what not. You name it, Tijuana has it all ready for you. But little do people know that this place is described as a place with ever present and real crime problems. It is almost impossible to escape from traffickers or any other form of crime here.

See the ugly side of Tijuana Mexico through the crime images below and believe it yourselves.

1. Two women, probably Mother-Daughter duo were brutally tortured and murdered. Their dead bodies were found near Real Del Mar. 

Images depicting crime in TijuanaVia

2. 13 people were shot down by gunmen in a drug rehabilitation center somewhere around October, 2010. According to reports of El Universal newspaper, victims were first lined up and then shot down by high-powered weapons.

Images depicting crime in Tijuana Via

3. Prostitution is now legalized there and La Coahuila itself represents the entire Red Light District. Strip Clubs there runs on ‘Hands On’ priority. 

Images depicting crime in Tijuana.Via