These 15 Chilling Stories Of Cannibalism Will Make You Sick AF!

What is the first thought in your mind when you hear the word cannibalism? I get sick. Like seriously, why does anybody want to taste human flesh! But these people surely did love human flesh. These chilling stories of cannibalism will make you as sick as it’s making me. I hope you don’t throw up at the end of the article. Good luck!

Here are 15 chilling stories of Cannibalism will make you sick AF!

1. Armin Meiwes.

This person is the sophisticated cannibal. Instead of going on a murder spree, he decided to approach the people who are willing to offer themselves for getting eaten up through the internet. And surprisingly it worked for him! He got willing candidates whom he killed and ate quite happily.

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2. Dornagel Vargas.

This one didn’t quite want to take friendlier approach (if there is such a thing!), and decided to go on a murder spree. After he fulfilled his desire of killing people, he developed a new fetish. And that was to eat them up after killing them. And his cannibalism had specific requirements, he picked up victims to devour on only which he considered as healthy. During investigations, police found that he used to eat flesh of cats and lizards before developing a liking for human meat.

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3. Alexander Kinuya.

So next time you have a roommate make sure he is not into cannibalism. When a guy went missing from dorm the authorities immediately suspected his roommate, what they found out was really scary. He had not only killed his roommate but stored his remains in tin cans. And had eaten his heart only!

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