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Some People Willingly Got Engaged In Incest! Here They Explain Why They Did It.

Some people willingly get engaged in incest but is that something you can get over with? I guess No! Having a physical relation with your insect and getting engaged in incest or blood relative is an awful idea. Even though getting engaged in incest has been a taboo among people, it happens more than you can ever imagine. For some of the people who got willingly engaged in insect explains why they did it.

After willingly getting engaged in incest people explain how they dealt with it and how it all happened.

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1.His Sister
“I got physical with my sister. Till then I wasn’t a virgin that time and I guess she wasn’t too.
I was 17 years old and she 14. Even though she was only 14, she looked 18. She was popular in her school and I was attractive too.

Once when she wasn’t home I slept on her bed but that night she came and snuggled up with me.
I was asleep but when I woke up I felt her butt against my manhood and I got excited while she kept on giving me hints. The next thing I did was getting intimate with her but in the middle, I realized what I was doing. I ran to my bedroom and covered myself under the blankets with a huge shame feeling. I spend the whole night wondering if I raped her or if she actually wanted it. We willingly got into all this.

The next morning she was acting normal and sweeter to me than she was. We usually used to argue and fight a lot. We didn’t have a fight or argument since then. I felt shame for years, even though I really got the feeling she also wanted it, the guilt was so much.”-throwawayzd59zqd445

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2.Suspicious Mind
“I’m pretty sure my dad and my sister had an incestuous relationship. She acted like his house pet and they both were obsessed and fond of each other. Though she never had a relationship or a job, she just lived in the condo he bought her and got fat. She died two years ago and he still keeps her place the same as it was.”-my_family_secrets
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3.With Mommy
“I had s3x with my mother. When I was young she gave me up for adoption so I never knew her. I tracked her down, and when we met for the first time the connection was electric. The thought of getting engaged in incest never crossed my mind till then.She took my virginity that first day. It’s two years I am living with her, and we still f**k every night.

To be true it ruined my life. It’s been rough having to keep a secret from the world as we can never act like normal couples and there is not much difference in our age. Many people knew about my search for her and would connect the dots.
So we have to pass as a normal mother and son. It kills me having to lie to my adoptive family, my REAL family basically. I lie to everyone I meet, my friends whom I have known for so long.

And it’s terrifying that at any moment the truth could be out if we’re not careful enough. But it feels like it’s so worth it. We both madly love each other. Right now we’re sort of just taking it one day at a time. But something has to give and I’m scared of what comes next.” LongLostSon96

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