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14 Famous Celebrities Who Gave Their Kid Up For Adoption.

By Shalini Khemka

We have heard tales about adoption but do you know about some of the famous celebrities who gave their kid up for adoption? Giving up your child is not an easy decision. It is one of the most painful decision parents can make for themselves. There are happy tales of adoption we heard from many famous celebrities like Brad Pitt, Madonna who have welcomed adopted kid in their lives. However, less well known are the stories of those people in the public eye who’ve been at the other end of the process – Famous celebrities, the ones who gave their kid up for adoption and made the heartrending choice.

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Here we have some famous celebrities who had to face with this awful decision at one point in their lives and gave their kid up in adoption.

Some even managed to reunite with their lost kid and openly said people about their decisions.

1.Rosanne Barr
She was 18 years old when she gave up her daughter in 1971. Even though she wanted to keep her, she was not able to afford her back then. When she was pregnant she used to live at the Salvation Army Home for Unwed Mothers but was reunited with her daughter whose name was Brandi Brown.

Famous Celebrities Gave Their Kid Up Adoption


2.Ted Nugent
Ted is a conservative political activist and a famous musician. He had two children both of them were given by him for adoption. He first gave up his son, Ted and then his daughter named Louisa. They were united in 2010.

Famous Celebrities Gave Their Kid Up Adoptionvia

3.Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra
She was in the MTV show Teen Mom. Lowell gave her daughter Carly up for adoption in 2009. They gave their kid up but there was disagreement between Lowell and Carly’s father, Tyler Baltierra and the adoptive parents of Carly but back in 2015, their relation improved. The same year Catelynn and Tyler got married and had a daughter.

Famous Celebrities Gave Their Kid Up Adoptionvia

4.Steven Tyler
He and Bebe Buell had a daughter but she faked the birth certificate with Todd Rundgren because they thought he was too addicted to drugs to be her father. Todd signed and accepted to be her father. Years later, Tyler’s eight-year-old daughter Liv noticed how similar she looked to Steve’s other daughter Mia. Her mother told Liv who her real father was.

Famous Celebrities Gave Their Kid Up Adoptionvia