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11 Signs That Your Girl is the Coolest Girlfriend You Will Ever Get !

By maitri sngh

Some girlfriends are simply the coolest girlfriends you can ever get. They raise the bar of expectations too high for you to fall for anyone else. And they make you fall for them so hard that you might get goosebumps from their coolness!

Coolest Girlfriend


Here are 11 signs that your girlfriend is the coolest girlfriend ever.


Your house might look like a garbage dump and still these girlfriends won’t crumble their noses in distaste.

They’d rather jump in that pile and might end up adding a few extras to the dump. So be ready to handle that because now it’s going to be yours and her’s combined trash all around, but thankfully you won’t get any taunts for your bad hygiene issues.

Take it from me the mess all around your house will for sure never mess up your relationship.


This goes along with the previous point.These girlfriends don’t care about what your habits are, to be honest. ¬†She leaves that work to your mom.

She is completely comfortable with all your habits and truly accepts you with all your flaws and goodness. You can sure as hell see a future in which you’d be at peace and won’t go deaf hearing all the complaints about how you don’t match her standards.

She keeps her standards to herself.