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10 Types of Rejections That Are Heartbreaking And Leave You In Tears

Rejections are purely heartbreaking.

We often fear rejection, we want attention, crave affection and dream of perfection. But things don’t come easy and when expectations break the heart does too.

Rejections are one thing that cannot be accepted by anyone, be it of any type.They simply break hearts no matter how subtle it might be. We can hide our emotions from the world. But how long can you hide from yourself? How long can you run from your own fears of being less than others? How long can you avoid the pain in your heart to hear an “NO” from someone?

Here are some of the most heartbreaking rejections of all time.


We all fear them. They give us nightmares for the rest of our lives.

Heartbreaking Rejections


As much as we love the idea of going down on one knee in front of everyone and proposing the love of our life, making it look all dreamy with chocolates, balloons, and confetti. The public “NO” hurts just as much. Because when things break ( By things I mean our heart and the dreamy version too ) the mess is too much to handle. And to think you are the only one left to pick up the pieces while others stare at you with mercy.

Heartbreaking Rejections

Wanting someone who doesn’t want you back is honestly the worst feeling.


These are the infuriating and complicated rejections!

Heatbreaking Rejections

Infuriating because the person who rejected you by breaking up was cheating and even then has the guts to show up his face and say that he doesn’t want you anymore. The spark between you two had died out and that he needs an out. Well isn’t it supposed to happen the other way round? With you kicking his butt and telling him that – “cheaters can’t be choosers!”

Complicated because, as much as you hate him for cheating you and be the one to break up with you. A part of you still wants him and you want to cry your eyes out for losing him. After all the heart want what it wants!