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Biggest Jerks Whom Everyone Praises Today As Good Human Beings!

All of us have some idols and heroes watching whom we grow up. We like to be them or follow the same path as them. But every person has some secrets which he saves from the world and if it is revealed then the image which includes you in the list of good human beings can be converted into the image of jerks.

Here are some of the examples of Jerks whom everyone praises today as good human beings!

1. Pablo Escobar

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People consider him a good human being because he invested a lot of his money in poor people but a person who was involved in more than 250 bomb blasts cannot be a hero.

2. John Lennon

jerks human beings


John Lennon was a really talented person who gained fame in songwriting and singing who had millions of fans. There are stories which show that he was an abusive husband, anti-Semite and not, in general, a good human being including a story of him hitting his first wife Cynthia whom he cheated innumerable time.

3. Rapper Big Pun

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Big Pun, a very respected person in Hip-Hop community and his talent suppressed his history of domestic violence which involves beating his wife on Camera.