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This Is How The Star Wars Cast Looked Like Before They Got Famous!

Everyone of us wants to know about the past life of their famous stars. What they did, how they got famous, how they looked like etc etc. So here we are again giving you a little sneak peak into your favorite star’s life. This time the Star War fans are in for a treat, since we have got pretty mind blowing pictures of your favorite Star Wars cast. If you want to get a pretty good shock, and witness how life takes a new turn keep reading on!

Here are some shocking pictures which reveal how the Star Wars cast looked like before they got famous!

1. Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia made her debut in 1975 in the Columbia pictures comedy, Shampoo. But then she made her appearance on Star Wars and the rest is history!

Star Wars castvia

2. Harrison Ford aka Han Solo aka Indiana Jones (sorry I couldn’t help but not mention this!) was not as charming as he is before he got famous! 

Star Wars castvia

3. Sir Alec Guinness aka Obi-Wan Kenobi was no doubt cute, well if you minus the fact that he totally screwed up his student Death Vader!

star wars castvia