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Top 13 Super Amazing Comeback By Your Favourite Hollywood Actors

We all have heard about Hollywood actors comeback, didn’t we? Sometimes, however, in the course of history, many such Hollywood actors stop working and do not appear on the big screen for a pretty long time. This may be due to personal or professional issues or reasons as one may call them. We initially fail to notice the absence of the person under most conditions unless that Hollywood actors or actress is our favorite one.All of a sudden some random person notices the fact that the actor has not been appearing for a long time in the movies and that’s when media makes a big issue out of it.

But that’s not the end of the world. More often than not, the actors or celebrities make a comeback to the television and big screen industry mostly through a grand entrance, letting the whole world know that he or she’s back in the game. This is usually followed by an outbreak of a series of new movies (usually blockbusters), where the actor himself/herself usually takes up the lead role and we see a huge return of the long lost fans! At some rare cases, however, the actor fails to make a mark in the heart of the people after the big “comeback”.

We are here to talk about those who has probably made the best decision to come back to their abandoned place only in a much better shape and that very decision has turned out to be the best decision ever!

Now, let’s have a look at the top 13 Hollywood actors comeback:

1. Robert Downey Jr
Does the word Iron Man ring a bell? It’s most likely that it does. It is one of the best blockbuster action movies made by Marvel Comics ever! Where, of course, the lead actor is “Tony Stark”, the “Genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist” – as a popular dialogue spoken by the man who wears a red protective suit designed by him and protects the earth from annihilation.
Downey Jr. degraded during the ‘90s and had many personal and social issues like drug addiction and multiple arrests. Things went so bad that he was sentenced to imprisonment for three years!
After struggling a few years after that, Downey Jr. finally did manage to come back to the film industry and become a huge success altogether as “The Iron Man”. He is among the best Hollywood actors who made the best comeback ever.
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2.Drew Barrymore
She probably was one of the youngest stars in the film industry who went absolutely nuts and finally came back with a near to full recovery. She has been on the big screen since her childhood and had published an autobiography on drugs at the age of 14.

At around 1995, her film, “Boys On the Side” where she’s shown playing an impulsive and wild role of a young girl trying to escape from a relationship that was abusive. This ruined her public image until her career came to a halt at 1989. During this time, she was also forced into rehab twice. Once due to addiction to cocaine, and a second time due to attempted suicide.
She however later managed to make a successful comeback and gain back her lost fame.
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3. Joaquin Phoenix
Phoenix started his career as a child actor in Hollywood. During the 1990s, Phoenix’s career started going downhill due to death of his older sibling, River Phoenix due to a drug overdose. Which was given a lot of importance to the media and due to the heat of the moment, Phoenix withdrew him for several years? During that time, he was popularly known as “Leaf Phoenix”.
Started off as a supportive actor and finally ending up with the fame that he lost in 2000 where he acted as “Commodus” in the movie “Gladiator”.
In 2005, he was driving intoxicated and wrecked his car, because of which and bizarre behavior in public, he ended up in rehab. Recently he has however made a serious return to the film industry.
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