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15 Painful Beauty Fails That Will Make You Say No To Makeup! Better Watch Out When You Try Them!

We are all fond of make-up, let’s face it girls. No matter how much some girls deny it, none of us would actually turn up to a party without it. If memory serves me right *goes into deep space* Isabella Swan too turns up with makeup at her wedding! But girls who really love doing makeup here’s a little nightmare for you. These painful beauty fails will make you cringe so bad, that you will have to think twice before trying to attempt the Pinterest beauty goals!

Here are 15 painful beauty fails that will make you say no to makeup!

1. This was not how she imagined it would turn out!

painful beauty failsvia

2. But Ariana is pretty no matter how bad her beauty fail is! Ouch.

painful beauty failsvia

3. When you want the winged shaped eyeliner but also want it to be thicker!

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