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15 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Suffered From Mental Illness!

Depression, Bulimia, Aggression, Obsessive compulsive disorder, etc., etc., etc. There are many kinds of Mental illness that we can see nowadays. And Celebrities included! If you really want to make money, choose your career and be one of the therapists, you know! It’s really lucrative! Okay, coming back to the topic, as we all know, it is hard for people to accept that they are suffering from any kind of Mental illness. Statistics says that around 16 million people are suffering from Depression in the US alone and it is growing day by day.

We may think that if only has affected the common unrecognized class of people, but it is definitely not the case. Here I give you a list of 15 Celebrities who suffered from Mental illness and I am sure you will be shocked to see some names there!

1. J.K. Rowling

Yes! You read it right! After her marriage broke down, she came to Scotland and had to survive with unemployment! She suffered clinical Depression!

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2. David Arquette

Ah, F.R.I.E.N.D.S! The director after separating from wife Courtney Cox was seen dancing and behaving erratically at night clubs. He checked himself into rehab to get over his alcoholism and depression!

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3. Hugh Laurie

This guy also suffered from Depression! In his own words, people…”It affected everything – my family and friends. I was a pain in the arse to have around. I was miserable and self-absorbed. It’s actually selfish to be depressed and not try and do anything about it. ”

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