Worst And Best Pickup Lines Of All Times That You Won’t Believe Are Real!

When you are out with your group of friends you are sure to hear some pickup lines that are best! But chances are that those can be the worst pickup lines you have ever heard. While people know that most of the pickup lines they are using are just creepy, still they choose to throw them at you. It doesn’t do any good except to make you laugh hard. While some pickup lines make you go gaga over them.
Though pick up lines do not have much effect on girls be it the best or the worst. The worst ones give them a pleasure to wince at. Pickup lines are just sophomoric, lame, and immature. Trying to impress a girl with pickup lines is generally a stupid idea.

We scoured the web to search some of the worst and best pickup lines of all times for you. Go check them out and let us know how many of these have you used. Let’s start with the worst ones.

1.If you were to be a Transformer, you would be Optimus fine.

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2.Do you have a band-aid? I scrapped my knees falling for you!

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3.I am not just your s*x toy! I am a human being too.

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