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18 Cheating Texts Caught That Are So Awkward But Hilarious.

We have heard stories and seen texts of cheating that is full of disappointments and sadness. Cheating has usually been the most heartbreaking thing a person in a relationship has to go through. One person is being lied to and is hurt. But cheating texts can be funny too. Sometimes cheating becomes like a silver lining to the cloud. Let us thank the era of these smart phones where we can take screenshots on time!

Here are some of the hilarious but slightly awkward caught cheating texts of the couples who didn’t get a chance to have a happy ending!

1.When you accidentally message the wrong guy.

cheating textsvia
Or just stay away from people whose names start with the letter “J”

2.The Confession made unknowingly.
cheating texts
Next time you confess please make sure to read what you are asked!

3.$10 to keep a secret? No ways! I am with the little kid!
cheating texts