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Teachers Share The Biggest Things They Learned From Their Student

Teachers are also students. Here are a few confessions where teachers learned from their student and made them realize that we can always learn from out little ones!

1. Adorable!

I got a paper cut while teaching maths to fourth grade. I was looking for a complete 2 second at my cut. When I looked up a little boy from the class was already there with a band aid. That was sweet and I learned that to be kind to everyone.

teachers learned studentteachers learned student

2. That’s inspirational!

There was a student I had who suffered from Autism. We both developed a tradition where I would ask him for his cookie and he would deny. Sometimes I teased him that I would take one but he would hold them tight and hug and I wouldn’t help but smile and leave.
There was a teachers appreciation day held in our school and he panicked when he realized he didn’t give me anything. I kept on saying him that it was fine when suddenly he ran to the lunch box, took a cookie and gave it to me. At that point, I wished I could keep it forever with me.

teachers learned student

teachers learned student

3.How sweet!

I used to work at a learning center. A kid came to me, hugged me and gifted me a neck peice that had those plastic beads. It spelt my name and I still have the jewelry with me.

teachers learned student