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This Guy And His Cat Brilliantly Recreated Famous Movie Scenes Together, And It’s Hilarious

By Meer

When someone loves a cat, you have no idea what strange things they do together. Here we are talking about a couple from UK. David and Sarah, are recreating famous movie scenes together with their cats and it couldn’t get any funnier. David is a quizmaster for the Malt Cross in Nottingham, and decided to use a picture of his cat posing as ET in the film and TV round. ‘It went down really well,’ Sarah and David said to a source. ‘And we had a lot of fun doing it, so we thought we’d share our creations on the internet!’ They started an Instagram account, where they post pictures of themselves and their cats photoshopped into famous movie scenes, and it’s amazing.

cat and movie scenes


Here are the pictures where his cat recreated famous movie scenes, and it’s breaking the internet

1. Can you guess the movie?

cat and movie scenes


2. Haha 😀

cat and movie scenes