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Life As a Lesbian In India – 12 Painful Realities That Will Upset You

Gender inequality damages the physical and mental health of millions of girls and women across the globe, and also of boys and men despite the many tangible benefits it gives men through resources, power, authority and control. Most parents imagine a perfect life for their children. Our thoughts are normally based on what society has conditioned us to deem acceptable. We normally want our children to do well in school, be on their best behavior and graduate with honors. If we’re lucky, we believe our children will attend a prestigious university and then go on to marry and give us beautiful grandchildren. Those parents, who really have the gods smiling on them, end up with professional athletes or some type of celebrity that can lavishly repay them for all of their sacrifices. Why are things so not-normal if he is gay or she is a lesbian?

Check out the reality of a lesbian in India

1.Life in India

painful reality of lesbian in india

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While several countries all over the world have accepted homosexuality, India is still clinging to this painful reality an archaic law which criminalises it. All the pride walks, all the activism, none have come to any avail. The LGBT+ community lives a life of constant struggle as they hide their true selves from their friends, family, and the rest of the world. It is still unfathomable to us as to how others can have a problem with who an individual chooses to love.

2. Homosexuality in India in not about unicorns and rainbows

painful reality of lesbian

Life gets complicated somehow. Especially if we go away from our home for further studies and share room with just another girl. It’s easy to hide for some time but can’t hide it all the time. If not everyone then room mate surely will get some hint.

3. Progress Doesn’t Always Stay That Way

Gay people have made tremendous strides across the world in the last 20 years, but over in India still facing this painful reality, gay behavior is still punishable with prison time. Millions of Indian homosexuals struggle in silence, knowing that every hand job is technically criminal possession. We spoke to an in-the-closet Indian man to figure out just what it’s like being a lesbian.