12 Relationship Phases That Couples Go Through

4. The Phase of Judging.

It is a human tendency to make an opinion about others and we can’t help it, but because of this our relationship suffers. We start judging and passing comments ¬†about our partner and start expecting something extra from our partner. But if these opinions and expectations differ for both, then be ready for a disaster in the relationship. Many of the couples are able to get over it and those who are not able to do it, end up their relationship in this stage only.

relationship phases


5. The Phase of Molding.

This is the stage of adjustment, giving and taking, struggle and changes. We try to change our partners as per our requirement and try to change our behavior and habits as per the demand of partner. This is called mutual give and take. Both the partners need to be very careful as they may result in ending up their relationship if there is a dominating behavior from both sides.

relationship phases - understanding couples


6. The happy Phase

If your relationship can survive the fourth and fifth level, it means there is a great understanding between the both. As you both are ready to change yourself as per the requirements, in turn, you will get happiness again. This, I feel, is the strongest of all the relationship phases. Once again you will feel like you are just made for each other.

Relationship phases