12 Relationship Phases That Couples Go Through

We all  experience love at least once in our lifetime. If you have already experienced it then you must know that it is quite a unique and beautiful feeling. You feel like life couldn’t be better than this and during the starting relationship phases, it seems like you have got everything you want from your life.

While sailing this lovely ship we have to go on a number of relationship phases. Of course, you are not playing a game in which you complete a level and get promoted to play the next one. A relationship has different stages and levels just like your life has. You have to face a lot of ups and downs in your lifetime and similarly is in the case of a relationship. Wondering what are the different relationship phases and how to handle them? Keep reading!

Here are the 9 relationship phases which couples go through.

1. The phase infatuation.

This is the very first level and attraction for each other is at its peak. Both partners just want each other madly and nothing seems more important than to be together. It may be the sexual attraction or just the need of cuddles and hugs or wanting each other’s company like never before. Love is a feeling which can make you crazy sometimes. Be very careful.

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2. The Phase of Understanding

The most difficult task we have to do during our lifetime is understanding. Starting from our maths problems in school life to the serious problems of our adulthood, you need to understand, analyze and solve them by yourself. But when we are in the trap of a feeling called love, understanding your partner becomes very easy and this is one of the most important and critical relationship phases. In this stage, we are interested in knowing every little thing about our partner like knowing about their family, past life,  likes, dislikes and the list just never ends. We become so insane that we spend hours talking about this and when we see the time, we realize that we started our conversation in the night and now its the time to say good morning.

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3. The Phase of Disturbances

Life cannot be same every time. When you are happy for some time, a number of things will interrupt and you will feel like they are making you realize that happy time is over and now is the time for some seriousness. Similarly, in a relationship, after some months of happy going relationship, some disturbances start interfering in it making you feel like God is jealous of your relationship.

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