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11 Bisexuals Reality Vs Expectations of How People See Them

Being a bisexual is not a bad thing. A lot of us go out of our relationships falling for the same sex. However, not everyone who goes for the same sex or gets attracted to them, calls himself/herself bisexuals. Sometimes they do not even accept their orientation which is entirely healthy to have, but they identify themselves as straight. So, there is a lot of concussion before you settle down for your sexual orientation. Let’s just have a look at the realities of being a bi and what exactly people think about it. Bisexuals are also humans but some of us don’t consider them humans. Many of the people consider and treat bisexuals like they’re animals. We’re living in the 21st century but actions like these are really terrible. In many areas of the world, bisexuals are treated badly.

If a person is interested in something then let him do that thing because you’re no one to decide his/her future. Let him/her do the things in which he/she finds happiness. If you’ll try to force him/her to do something he’ll/she’ll never be successful in it. Bisexuals lose their confidence level because of the depression. The person who is responsible for the destruction of both lives is the one who is bisexual because he/she shouldn’t be marrying the opposite gender to destroy his/her life. Just search your partner with the same interests like you. People think of bisexuals in a different way but in reality they’re different. “You’re either gay, straight, or lying.”
I first heard that oft-repeated phrase when I was an 18-year-old freshman at UC Berkeley. I was at my first meeting of the GLBA (Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Alliance). I’d recently broken up with a girlfriend, and had been dating (and sleeping with) both men and women; I was ready to “come out” as bi and to get involved in campus activism. But as I quickly found out, though there were equal numbers of gay men and lesbians in the group, the only bisexuals were women. And while many of those women faced a certain amount of “bi-phobia,” at least the GLBA acknowledged their existence.
Bisexual men, I was told, didn’t exist: we were either cowards or liars, too scared or too dishonest to admit we were really gay.

Here below are some of the examples of the way people see bisexuals and how they really are – Reality vs Expectation.

#1 The calculations


The imagination of the people is so much different than what happens in reality. The calculations that a bisexual do are way different and sensible than the way people think.

#2 You’re gay


That’s another beautiful example of how people see bisexuals and how they really are. Look at the guy in the first picture who’s not interested in the same sex. On the other hand the guy who’s interested in the same sex is also depressed. While those who are interested in the opposite genders should be with each other instead of being with bisexuals.

#3Threesome, threesome and only threesome