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9 Worst Mistakes Almost Every Youngster Make In Their 20’s

By Apeksha Bagchi

You’re in your 20’s and I know what you’re thinking, “I have plenty of time to make mistakes and rectify them.” Of course, you have, in fact making mistakes is what will allow you to grow but there are some which you’ll be better off without.

Here are 9 Worst Mistakes Almost Every Youngster Make In Their 20’s:

  1. Giving up

The worst mistake we make in 20’s is losing hope and giving up. The inherent fear of failure makes you give up on your dreams, the insecurity that somehow you are lesser than other, that others are doing better in life; somehow you find your dream unattainable.

What are the mistakes every guy should make in his early 20's?

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  1. Letting others define you

The world, the people will always try to give their opinion about you, make assumptions about your life and try to direct your decisions. It’s in your hands to figure what you are, not what others think you are.

  1. Trying to please everyone

We want everyone to like us as rejection is the feeling we all detest. So in order to avoid it, we become a people pleaser; we agree with others no matter how wrong they are how against their views we are. If you want universal acceptance, you may as well give up the dream as there is always going to be someone who dislikes you.