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10 Dirty Pickup Lines Girls Can’t Resist

Girls love funny pickup lines.

It is not every guy’s forte to be a master of this art, though. Some are able to nail it whereas most of them end up embarrassing themselves! What always wins though is a spicy pickup line at that. It takes unique skills to be naughty and classy in a single pickup line. Seldom does a guy come, throw a line that is risque and still get away with it – that too, with a girl!

There is a very thin line between being teasing and being cheap and it takes a very special talent to come up and strike a balance between.

We are listing down 10 of the raunchiest pickup lines – ever! Rest assured, you guys, these have worked in past. What we cannot do is guarantee that you will not end up catching a beating post using any of these.

Anyways, time for some sleazy humor.

1. Are you an Instagram post? Because I will double tap you all night!

Dirty Pickup Lines

 2. You are the reason I get Morning Wood!

Dirty Pickup Lines