7 Reasons Why Hooking Up With Your Ex Can Be Worst Idea Ever

Hooking Up With Your Ex

The allure of re-igniting that lost flame sometimes overcomes us, we want to relive the past. But the idea is almost always, okay scratch that, always a very very bad idea. It’s like you decided to throw out something that was starting to stink but later go and pick it from the trash can. Disgusting, right? Something must have happened for the relationship to end, for “the one” to become “the one pain-in-the-ass.”

But sometimes we throw logic out of the window and do the stupid (but it feels hot as hell, right?).

So here I am breaking the damn window and slamming the logic in your face with 7 horrible truths why Hooking Up With Your Ex can be the worst idea ever

  1. You may “re-love” him

Yeah, hooking up with him may do that and would hurt more than the break up with him did if he is in for nothing but a one-night stand. Totally a win-win situation for him and you end up being the sour loser.

Why Hooking Up With Your Ex
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