10 Reasons Why Nerdy Girls Are The Best

Nerdy Girls may look like completely different species. They might know tons of obscure things that you might’ve not even heard about. Accept it boy..!

Nerdy Girls are smart, intelligent, funny and above all gorgeous. They are what you desire and here are the perfect reasons WHY.


10- She doesn’t take forever to get ready.

They won’t let you wait while they contour every inch of their face. They’ve got many other things to worry about. For them getting ready is being comfortable enough to do what all they have on the list. They can rock a pair of jeans and a hoodie better than you do, but this doesn’t mean they look bad in formal attire. When they put the effort in getting ready, they’ll actually look amazing.

Why Nerdy Girls Are The Best

9- She’s just as hot as any other girl.

Nerdy girls as gorgeous as other girls, or can say way more gorgeous. Oh! come on. Looks+smartness = SEXY..! They are most chilled out natural beauties you would want to date 😀

Why Nerdy Girls Are The Best