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9 Spine-Chilling Movies Based On True Crimes.

We love watching a crime thriller, don’t we? We’re thrilled by the chase, the fast-beating heart rate that spikes every time we see a killer plotting, committing crimes by murdering someone. There are some brilliant movies with excellent plotlines which make us believe, at least for the time being, the act committed as being real. Later though we are more of the “it was a good story” rather than, “HOLY SHIT! That was scary!” Of course, these movies are the work of geniuses who came up with such gripping tales but some are not at all tales of fiction; sometimes they are like reenactments of crimes committed in the past, crimes so terrible that they have a bloody history hard to miss.

Let’s have a look at some of the excellent movies that portrayed the crimes in a cinematic air yet successfully chilled us to the bone with the knowledge of what we see had truly happened:

  1. The Snowtown Murders

    Labeled as “Australia’s worst serial killer,” John Bunting is currently serving 11 consecutive terms without any possibility of parole. Killing homosexuals and pedophiles, as he considered himself to be cleaning the “waste” in the world, Robert Wagner, James Spyridon Vlassakis, and Mark Haydon were convicted along with Bunting.

    As the ringleader of a group “who bury men”, Bunting and his “partners in crime” defleshed and dismembered the bodies and hid them in a bank vault.It was evident from the state of the dead bodies that they were subjected to torture before death. How gruesome it must have been, The Snowtown Murders based on it.

 Movies Based On True Crimes

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  1. Wolf Creek

    Based on the real events that took place when a sadistic psychopath went on a murdering spree.  Known as the “backpack murders” where multiple runners or “backpackers” were stabbed to death and then shot in the head multiple times post-death. Decapitating his victim was a favorite of Ivan Milat, who is currently serving seven consecutive sentences plus 18 years without parole in a maximum-security prison.

 Movies Based On True Crimes

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