9 Situations Every Indian Science Student Can Relate To

With the results being announced for 10 boards, a lot of the guys and girls are expected to take up science.

Here are some instances every science student amongst us has faced. Read on fellas!

1. Got a 9/10 CGPA? Science should be your natural choice.

science student

‘Good students ought to opt for science.’-This is the first advice you get when your “good” marks flash on the screen. No doubt we have so many great scientists!

2. Doctor or engineer?

Science Student

Born a girl? Then doctor. A boy? Engineer. Your choice should be exclusive between the two. And nothing else. NOTHING.

3. And suddenly everyone is your mum.

science student

‘ Beta, ache se padhna, your parents are spending a lot.’ ‘Beta, avoid junk food, you might take sick’ If those snubs and lectures from your mother weren’t enough then you just have your relatives to add to it.