“If I could have you one last time”

Each night I battle to fall asleep, A war between my mind and your thoughts . Each night I toss and turn till the break of dawn as the thought of you enslaves me. Not a single night goes by without me talking to you in my mind, cause there will never be a reply as there will never be you. It has been quite some time since you left this world for a better place, but to me it was yesterday. If time heals the wounds I think time has stopped for me. The pain is still unbearable and my love for you has not faded an inch since the first “I love you”.

We did our best but I think we loved too much. I would still agree with the words of Edward Tennyson: “Better to have loved and lost than not loved at all”. If I knew I would lose you so soon I would have given up on everything and each moment with you. If I knew you would go in a flash I would have let you know every second of every day how much I love you. Nothing compares to this pain and the only solace I have is that if there is a heaven I would spend my eternity trying to make up for the time we didn’t have together here.

Are you really gone? It happened so soon. The last time I said I love you, you were lying lifeless in a casket, I touched your heart and everything in me wanted to scream but that wouldn’t bring you back. It kills me that I won’t ever gaze into your eyes and fall into infinity. How we used to plan our future together marriage, the two children we named, oblivious that none of it was meant for us.

We gazed at the night sky searching for our favorite stars. How you would look into my eyes like you had never seen anything like me. You were destined to be mine even if for a little while.

We will never know why these things happen to some people in particular. But life still does go on. The pain remains but learning to live with it becomes a part of our life. Very few are lucky to have found true love I was one of them.

– Promiscuous Princess