7 Reasons why Long Distance Relationship DO NOT Work

Who says it absolutely doesn’t, there are people who try very hard to keep it working. And mind you,those are the same people who stretch it for too long and end up frustrated and heartbroken.

So if you are in long Distance Relationship or even thinking to get in, I suggest you consider everything and then decide to take it.


1. It’s about being together:

Long Distance Relationship

Why did you start dating in the first place? To be together, right? Then you have to realize that it’s not easy to keep dating when you’re not together. You don’t get to see each other every day, most of your romance will be limited to skype calls and texting; are you sure you want it?


2. New people:

Long Distance Relationship

When you move to new place, everything changes, including the atmosphere and the kind of people you earlier hung out with. You meet new people, and you might change, with that, your feelings for your partner might change and that’s fine. Just accept it and move on.


3. Jealousy:

Long Distance Relationship

Yes, there are going to be pretty people around them, in their snapchats and most of the video calls. Soon you’ll be having fights about it. “who’s that bitch in the background” might be a start!