The Parallel Lines

“The night was darker than I thought it would be; Attracting the mind, but playing with the soul. The beauty of her darkness stunned the spirit; She was neither a friend nor a foe.”

“A familiar lightning used to strike the soul, hiding under the skin when it’s dark outside. The lightning might have damaged the heart: But, not the faith.”

“It never bothered the spirit. They were a parallel line. The soul kept hiding; When the mind enjoyed the wine.”

“As the night smiled at me; I searched for a companion in that smile. That’s when the mind found a soulmate; But the spirit wandered in the wilderness.”

“The destiny was inevitable; The bond was never meant to be. The mind kept fighting for it; While the night was supposed to be free.”

“The night didn’t fight for it; That doesn’t mean she wasn’t hurt. The mind wasn’t the only one, who was being ripped apart”

“Even though the mind had the last say, in that argument with the night; It was the Spirit, that lost its pride”


-By Rakesh Prasad